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The number of monthly page views on my site exceeds the number of page views per month specified in my webfont license. What should I do?

There's no need to purchase a complete webfont license again. You just need to buy a webfont license with an additional monthly page view limit. Remember, it is crucial to comply with the terms and conditions of your webfont license to avoid any legal issues or copyright infringements.

Can I embed the fonts in a mobile or desktop application that I am developing with a webfont license?

No, a webfont license does not grant you permission to embed fonts in mobile or desktop applications. To do so, you would need to purchase an app license directly from our foundry or one of our official resellers.

How to determine the number of pages views per month to my website ?

To determine the number of page views per month on your website, you need an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, Hubspot or Matomo.To track monthly page views with GA Google Analytics:

  • Install the GA tracking code on your site.
  • Access the analytics dashboard.
  • Find the page views metric.
  • Analyze the data for monthly page views.

what is a webfont license?

A web font license allows you to use a font or a font family to your website by embedding the font files into your CSS code. Webfonts can help contribute to a focused brand identity and add value to the user experience. Web font license is limited by monthly “pageviews”, which is a unit used to measure traffic to your web pages.

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