Marlon Pro font family. A rounded opentype typeface by Mostardesign Type Foundry
A rounded font family for all kind of project
Marlon Pro is a font family characterized by its round and modern appearance. It provides advanced typographical support and It comes in 9 weights with corresponding italics. Marlon Pro has true italics with an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages.
It provides advanced Opentype functions with features such as case sensitive forms, small caps, standard ligatures, alternate characters, circled figures, pro kerning. For more information about this soft typeface and its professonal features, please download the PDF specimen.
96 px
Quick fox jumps nightly above wizard.

65 px
Quirky spud boys can jam after zapping five worthy Polysixes. How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!

115 px

Marlon Pro font family. A rounded and adorable typeface by Mostardesign Type Foundry
Marlon Pro font family. A rounded typeface by Mostardesign Type Foundry
With its rounded aspect Marlon Pro works for various graphic design project by Mostardesign Type foundry

The Marlon Pro family

Marlon Pro 1
Case sensitive forms
Marlon Pro 2
Pro Kerning
Marlon Pro 3
Complete figures set
Marlon Pro 4
True small caps
Marlon Pro 5
True italics

About This font family
Designer: Olivier Gourvat
Kerning: iKern
Design date: May 2018
Publisher : Mostardesign Type Foundry
Available licenses
Print, Webfont, E-book, App and digital Ads, Servers. If you want to purchase a specific license such as App, eBook or Server license please contact us at :
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