The light of modernity

The Monolight font family is a modern and versatile creation that perfectly blends roundness and simplicity to give your designs a modern and elegant look. With its low-contrast characteristics, this font family can be used for a wide variety of communication projects, ranging from advertising posters to institutional communication media, to professional presentations.

In addition to its aesthetic design, Monolight offers advanced technical features, including a set of stylistic variants that allow you to explore different options for customizing letter style. This font is also case sensitive, meaning uppercase and lowercase letters are designed to work harmoniously together.

Furthermore, Monolight comes equipped with a complete set of old-style and tabular numerals, providing great precision in tables and professional documents. This feature is particularly useful for professionals in marketing, finance, and accounting who seek to give their tables a professional and well-organized appearance.

Finally, the Monolight font is available in 9 weights ranging from Thin to Heavy with corresponding italics, allowing designers to play with contrasts and typographic effects to give their creations a unique and personalized look. With its advanced features and elegant design, the Monolight font is the perfect tool for communication and design professionals looking to create modern and professional projects that stand out from the competition.


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