Our fonts licensing models can cover all kinds of use such as print documents, graphical designs, web sites, mobiles devices, eBook, server, broadcast and much more.

Desktop License

Installed on your work computer, this license allows you to create print documents, graphical designs (logos, signs) and physical products (t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, cases, bags, signs, labels, etc.) with Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. You can also use this license to create static images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), even if the images are used on the web or in a mobile app. Based on the number of computers where the fonts is installed, you can go up to thousands of users in our licensing model.

  • Branding and Logo Creation

    You can create your brand or your logo with this font and there is no additional fees if you are a large company. If you are a branding company, you can create brands for your clients but if these companies want to use the fonts on their computers (e.g. for internal documents, letters…), they will have to buy their own license

  • PDF Creation

    With this license, you can only create PDF documents with vectorized fonts. If you want to embed fonts in PDF, you'll'have to buy an ebook license

  • Physical Products

    This license allows you to create physical products such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, cases, bags, labels, signs, pens, etc. and these products can be sold for profit by you or your clients. However, this license does not allow you to use the font in a program where the customer can customize these products.

  • Point-of-sale material

    With the desktop license, you can create point-of-sale material and there is no additional fees even if you have many points of sale.

  • Through The Media

    With the desktop license, you can insert static images (and only static images) on websites, software, broadcast, apps, games and web apps. The font must not be extractable from your system.

  • No Territory Limits

    If you buy this license, you can use it anywhere in the world and even on Mars planet. There are no territorial restrictions.

Webfont License

A web font license allows you to use a font or a font family to your website by embedding the font files into your CSS code. Webfonts can help contribute to a focused brand identity and add value to the user experience. Web font license is limited by monthly “pageviews”, which is a unit used to measure traffic to your web pages.

  • You are purchasing a license, NOT a subscription

    The webfont license doesn't require a monthly fee. You buy the license forever (in case you are immortal 🙂 ) and it does not need to be renewed. However, if your monthly traffic increases, you must place a new order with the additional traffic. Based on page views, this license is cumulative.

  • Self Hosted

    The webfont license is based on the self-hosted font model. Once you have purchased this license, you can save your fonts on your server and embed the fonts in your CSS code without having to make external requests.

  • Domains Name

    Once you have saved the fonts on your server, you can use these fonts for an unlimited number of domains and subdomains. However, we remind you that this license is cumulative over all your domains traffic.

App License

An application license allows you to embed the font file with a mobile appication’s code. Application license is based by the monthly active of your app. All of our licenses are perpetual, which means you pay once and use it forever.

  • Based on Monthly Active Users

    App license is based by the monthly active of your app.

  • You are purchasing a license, NOT a subscription

    Our App license doesn't require annual fee. You buy the license forever.

  • Upgrades

    This licence also covers updates to your applications on the iOS and Android platforms.

  • Different Licensing Models

    Our licence is based on the number of active users per month. However, if you purchase this license from one of our partners, some of them have a license model that must be renewed every year.

Corporate License

This license allows you to install the fonts in any number of computers for your print work, in any number of websites and domains (with no limit of page views). It allows you to embed the fonts in unlimited mobile apps and ebooks. This license also allows you to cover the use of the fonts by third parties. Despite a great flexibility of use (close to a custom font), the fonts will not belong to you and will remain the property of Mostardesign Type Foundry. To find out more about all the uses of this licence, contact the foundry.

  • Not a Custom Font

    This license allows you great flexibility of use but it is not a custom font. You are not allowed to modify the fonts with font editing software.

  • Third Parties

    This license also covers the needs of third parties who will need to manipulate the fonts for the creation of the project. They will be allowed to use the fonts without restrictions until the end of the project. No additional costs for third parties. At the end of the project, third parties will have to uninstall the fonts from their system and not use them for other work

  • No Territory Limits

    If you buy this license, you can use it anywhere in the world and even on Mars planet. There are no territorial restrictions.

Design App License

This license extends to the embedding of the font in both native and web applications. These web applications include platforms such as CANVA, GENIALLY and PLAYPLAY, among others. It specifically pertains to applications that enable end users to create personalized digital designs, such as media, audio, video, and multimedia files graphics, logos, and artwork incorporating the licensed fonts into their designs.

  • Versatility in file production

    With this license, you can produce a wide range of files, including audio, video, multimedia files, logos, artwork, and posters.

  • No web apps Limits

    Another benefit is that the licenses are cumulative across various web apps, providing added flexibility and convenience.

  • Easy Customization

    The ability to upload fonts into these web apps allows for effortless customization of your project, providing maximum creative freedom.

  • License Flexibility

    Temporarily transfer licenses for projects, providing agencies and freelancers with complete flexibility.

Want a Custom or Corporate License ?

We can cover any font application such as server, widgets, EOM embedding or website template. If you need to use one of our fonts for a use not covered by our standard font licenses please feel free to contact us and we will discuss your needs.


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