Natom Pro

A family of fonts with rhythm.

Natom Pro is a sans serif and geometric font family adapted to the professional requirements of graphic designers, web designers and mobile application developers. Comprised of 19 styles including 8 styles designed especially for the design of headlines, Natom Pro is a very versatile family of fonts that can be used in many projects such as editorial design, branding or corporate identity creation, design of posters or logos, the creation of websites or the development of mobile applications.


This font, with a resolutely contemporary aspect, also hides a unique typographic design since it has 2 distinct styles (Title and Roman) which have 2 different typographic rhythms in order to graphically differentiate the appearance of titles, subtitles and long paragraphs.


With this design of rhythmically differentiated glyphs according to the styles, the headlines have a very graphic aspect while the long texts have a more classic aspect in order to keep optimal readability in all scenarios.


Its architecture is also very modern since it was designed and drawn with particular attention to the geometry of the forms with clear and open endings cut at 90 degrees. The number of styles has also been simplified with the most used thicknesses (Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black) in order to speed up your graphic design process. For the more experienced designers, Natom Pro is also available in a variable version.

Natom Pro is also equipped with powerful OpenType features like case sensitivity, true small caps, full ligature set, tabular figures for tables, “old styles figures” to elegantly insert figures into your sentences, numbers circled or even alternative characters to satisfy the most demanding professionals. With all its specificities, Natom Pro is a “geogrotesque” style family capable of satisfying the needs of professionals who want a “typed”, elegant geometric font family with an extended character set for more than 100 Western, Eastern and Central European languages for international communication.


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