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Every detail matters in your company’s image. Font customization goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a strategic tool that strengthens your identity and recognition.

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Lyft Pro

In 2018, Lyft embarked on a bold rebranding journey, introducing the Lyft Pro font as a centerpiece of their visual identity overhaul, realized by MotYFo. This font redesign not only revamped Lyft’s look but also reinforced its commitment to innovation and user-friendliness in transportation.

Lyft Pro font, crafted by MotYFo, embodies Lyft’s evolution into a dynamic and modern brand while staying true to its core values of connectivity and accessibility. With its clean lines and sleek shapes, this font reflects Lyft’s dedication to delivering a high-quality experience and standing out in a competitive market.


The company 8451° is a strategy and technology consulting agency based in Cincinnati. MotyFo has created a custom geometric sans font family for company 8451° to enhance their visual communication. This bespoke typography embodies the distinctive identity of the company, thereby strengthening its brand image and market presence.

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Crafting a unique typeface is a potent method to establish the visual character of a brand identity. Mostardesign Type Foundry excels in shaping typographic identities, offering solutions that span from individual letter designs to customized retail fonts and exclusive bespoke typefaces. If you require more information about creating your custom font or wish to modify one of our existing alphabets, feel free to get in touch with the foundry.


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