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Should I regularize my license if I have used fonts from the foundry that are prior to the purchase of my license?

Yes. If you have used fonts from the foundry before purchasing your license, you need to regularize your license in order to comply with the terms of use for our fonts and cover any previous usage of the font. If your previous usage involved synchronization (web and desktop) from your Adobe Creative Cloud account, you do not need to regularize your license.

I’m using unlicensed MoTyFo fonts, what should I do to become compliant with the foundry’s licensing policy?

If you don't have an active license for the font and to avoid any disputes, you can purchase the corresponding license for your usage from one of our partners.

– Fontspring
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You can also, contact us directly, to resolve your licensing issues. This will help you avoid any disputes and comply with our licensing policy.

Someone from MoTyFo contacted me regarding a license issue. Is it a scam?

No. We are small font foundry and it's probably Alex! He's here to help you ensure compliance with licensing rules! Alex is in charge of the validity of the foundry's licenses. He will answer all your questions regarding the validation of your license, license issues you may have, the correct use of your license or simply explanations about your font license. A true font licensing guru ! You can contact him by email at or by phone +33 7 56 80 69 70.

What happens if I use a font without a valid license?

Using a font without a valid license is deemed as a violation of copyright laws, rendering it illegal. If you use a font without a license, you may face legal consequences, such as fines or legal action taken against you by Mostardesign Type Foundry.

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