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Does file conversion result in any loss of quality in the final files?

No. If you convert your files (WOFF, WOOF2, etc.) using online tools such as, you will not lose any of the quality of the final fonts.

Can I open and modify MoTyFo fonts with a font editor?

No! Regardless of the font license you use, under no circumstances are you allowed to open and modify the fonts using a font editor such as FontLab, Glyphs, etc.

How can I optimize my fonts for displaying on my website?

With the Web Generator and its expert mode, you can easily optimize your fonts for display on your website. This online tool allows you to finely adjust parameters such as changing vertical metrics, removing OpenType features, resizing the x-height, and generating a CSS style sheet. It truly is an indispensable tool for web developers.
Once you have defined your settings, you can download your optimized font without any loss of quality. This will allow you to optimize a font without the need to open it with a font editor.

What file format should I use for displaying fonts on my website?

There are two file formats that you should focus on for displaying fonts on your website :

  1. WOFF (WOFF1) : Creaetd in 2009 and based on OpenType, this format is currently the most widely used for displaying fonts on modern browsers (97.3% of global users).
  2. WOFF2 : a logical evolution of the WOFF1 format, WOFF2 offers better compression (96.4% of global users).

The EOT format should only be used for Internet Explorer (v6 to v8) to support deprecated versions of your website. V9 of IE supports the WOFF format (0,47% of global users).

The OTF and TTF formats should be used as a fallback font format for users who are browsing with older browsers. To know more about font file formats and their compatibilities with browsers

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