With the unveiling of its variable font version, Sofia Pro not only maintains its well-established reputation but also unlocks new dimensions of possibility. This typographic advancement revolves around an innovative architecture, encompassing both the Roman and Condensed versions within a dual-file structure. This forward-looking approach opens new horizons for designers, offering them unparalleled control over two key customization elements: weight and slant.

The Dynamic Dual-File Composition

Sofia Pro’s variable font version introduces a dual-file composition, housing both the Roman and Condensed variations. This strategic arrangement empowers designers with an enhanced arsenal of creative options. The Roman version embodies the classic elegance of Sofia Pro, while the Condensed version is tailored for projects requiring a sleek and space-efficient demeanor. This duality facilitates seamless transitions and harmonious design juxtapositions.

Unleash Creativity with Weight Customization

The pivotal “weight” axis stands as a cornerstone of the Sofia Pro variable font’s versatility. Designers are granted the ability to fine-tune weight from a delicate 100 to a bold 900, fostering an expansive range of weight modifications. This remarkable scope of adjustment liberates designers to actualize their creative visions with precision. From an air of delicacy to a commanding boldness, the weight axis serves as an unbounded canvas for artistic expression.

The variable font version of Sofia Pro also embraces the “slant” axis, elevating the font family’s adaptability to new heights. With the capacity to refine the slant from 0 to 10, designers can meticulously adjust the oblique attributes of the font. This refined level of control ensures that every design element aligns seamlessly with desired levels of sophistication and visual equilibrium.

Chart Your Creative Course

Integrating Sofia Pro’s variable font version into your creative toolkit emboldens your design journey. Whether your canvas is branding, web interfaces, editorial layouts, or any visual narrative, the dual-file structure, expansive weight spectrum, and precise slant adjustments provide an expansive playground for creativity.

For those who have web licenses that allow files to be self-hosted for web page display, the gains in display performance are significant with the woff and woff2 formats.


The advent of Sofia Pro’s variable font version, boasting its innovative dual-file structure and customizable weight and slant axes, signifies a quantum leap in typographic adaptability. With Sofia Pro, design constraints dissolve, granting you the power to sculpt your creations with finesse and imagination. Embark on a transformative journey to redefine visual storytelling through typography, harnessing the potential of the Sofia Pro variable font’s unparalleled capabilities.

Sofia Pro is available with your Adobe Creative Cloud account for integration into your graphic creations and displaying your web pages.


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