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Welcome to the Mostardesign blog. Mainly focused on typeface design and custom design, the foundry produce high quality fonts such as Sofia Pro, Interval, Metronic Slab Pro and more recently Chronica Pro

Our “best sellers” available at Typekit

Typekit has recently added Sofia Pro, Kyrial Display, Metronic Slab, Metronic Slab Narrow and Filson Pro font family to their type library. All these typefaces are available for both web and sync use, so you can use them on your websites or on any desktop application, not only Adobe Creative Cloud. Click here to check our fonts at





Introducing Univia Pro

Univia Pro is a new contemporary OpenType font family with modernity and versatility in mind. Distinctive with its pleasant look extremely modern, Univia Pro have a lot of personalty mostly achieved by smooth curves and round corners that forms a very identical style of the entire family. Univia Pro is perfect both for display and text use and due to its ultra modern look, it is more than excellent for e-books, web-sites, user interface font and mobile apps.

Univia Pro - A Modern OpenType Font Family

Univia Pro font family is heavily equipped with OpenType features: case sensitive, scientific superiors and inferiors, standard ligatures, old style, lining figures, proportional and tabular figures, slashed zeros, stylistic sets. It also provides broad language support. The font family offers 18 variations (9 weights plus italics): Thin, Thin Italic, Ultra Light, Ultra Light Italic, Light, Light Italic Book, Book Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic, Ultra and Ultra Italic.

Discover Univia Pro here

Strato Pro – A modern Classic

The goal of this new typeface was to create a classic serif font family with lots of modern improvements such as titling, ornaments, case sensitive, tabular and old style figures, ligatures and discretionary ligatures, pro kerning—with tons of kerning pairs— and more…Strato Pro is usefull and inviting especially if you are doing editorial design.

Strato Pro Font Family

The abundance of weights and styles provide enough options to pick different contrast values create useful combinations between members of the family and cover all your needs for titles, subtitles, body texts, highlights, etc. Strato Pro also includes fancy ligatures providing amazing alternative options for special and more rare pairs of capital letters.

Classic, diverse and really rich with OpenType features, this family will surely become your best companion if you do editorial design, packaging, book covers as well as web-design or even use it as e-books font.

Supported languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Basque, Breton, Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, Danish, Esperanto, Estonian, French, Faroese, Galician, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish (new orthography), Italian, Kurdish (The Kurdish Unified Alphabet), Latvian, Lithuanian, Latin (basic classical orthography), Leonese, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Maltese, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese (Portuguese and Brazilian), Romanian, Rhaeto, Romanic, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Walloon

Discover Strato Pro

Sofia Pro in use

Another amazing work with Sofia Pro font family from Formdusche studio for a theater company in Germany. For more details and more photos, you can visit thier website here

12764411_556261157862295_1723124457427026437_o 12792158_556262021195542_4065524503268545984_o 12764791_556261191195625_9007195143063777698_o 12768295_556261107862300_7455596869123230699_o 12764479_556261504528927_4112568276316640533_o 12748128_556261127862298_7934776288054238117_o Sofia Pro in use

Introducing Filson Soft

Filson Soft is the rounded version of the popular Filson Pro. At first sight, the main feature of Filson Soft are the distinctive letters ‘K’, ‘Q’ and especially ‘R’ that make the font family very elegant. With its rounded terminaisons, this font family is also perfect for original titles and will give you future creations a nicely friendly aspect.

Filson Soft - A Rounded Sans Serif Font Family by Mostardesign Type Foundry
But with all these originals features, Filson Soft is highly legible and quite versatile. Its large x-height, even performs nicely in small sizes. Filson Soft comes in 8 weights – Thin, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black, Heavy with a professional range of Opentype functions such as lining and oldstyle figures, stylistic alternates, case sensitive forms, localized forms, stylistic set, arrows and f-ligatures.

For better typographic control, Filson Soft also includes an OpenType class kerning with thousands of kerning pairs.

Discover Filson Soft

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