The Monolight font family is a contemporary and versatile creation that perfectly blends roundness and simplicity to give your designs a modern and elegant look. With its low-contrast characteristics, this font can be used for a wide variety of communication projects, ranging from advertising posters to institutional communication media, to professional presentations.


A wide spectrum of OpenType functions

In addition to its aesthetic design, Monolight offers 30 advanced technical features, including a set of stylistic variants that allow you to explore different options for customizing letter style. This font is also case sensitive, meaning uppercase and lowercase letters are designed to work harmoniously together.

Language support

Monolight is the perfect tool for effective communication in over 200 languages.

Variable ready

Monolight font family is available in a variable version, offering maximum flexibility to customize the appearance of your texts and designs.

Stylistic alt.

Monolight provides an added touch of creativity with its unique stylistic set, allowing you to elegantly express your personality."

Complete figures set

With its complete set of numbers including fractions and circled figures, Monolight adds a sophisticated touch to your digital content.

Pro Kerning

Accurate kernings for thousands of character pairs - the perfect font for smooth and harmonious display.

True small caps

Enhance the appearance of your text with true small caps. Monolight offers this sophisticated feature for professional display.


hightly flexible

Variable fonts are a game-changer for creatives because they allow for unprecedented control over typography. With Monolight, you can manipulate things like weight, width, all within a single font file. This gives you a level of customization and flexibility that was previously impossible, making it easier to create unique and impactful designs.

Download our demo font

Experience the power of Monolight font family before making a commitment. Download and explore its unique features, from sleek modern designs to timeless elegance. Once you’ve fallen in love with it, licensing options are available for you to make it a permanent part of your creative toolkit.

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