Licensing our fonts

Our font licenses can cover all kinds of application such as print documents, graphical designs, web sites, mobiles devices, eBook and much more.

Desktop License
Installed on your work computer, this license allows you to create print documents, graphical designs (logos, signs,), and physical products products (t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, cases, bags, labels, etc.) with Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. You can also use this license to create static images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), even if the images are used on the web or in a mobile app.

Webfont License
A web font license allows you to use a font or a font family to your website by embedding the font files into your CSS code. Webfonts can help contribute to a focused brand identity and add value to the user experience. Web font license is limited by monthly “pageviews”, which is a unit used to measure traffic to your web pages.

App & ePub License
An application license allows you to embed the a font in your application title. Application licenses are limited by “Monthly Active Users” but one license covers unlimited apps, platforms, sales and upgrades. All of our licenses are perpetual, which means you pay once and use it forever.  ePub license allows you to use a font or a font family in digital publications for Kindles,iPad or other readers.

With this license, you can also embed the fonts in a software (and computer games) even if this software is an installable program. One license covers ONE software title and includes unlimited number of platforms.

Server License
This license allows to install a font or font family on a server. Your customers can to utilize the fonts for generation of items such as personalized products, PDF, etc.

Digital Ads License
Embed fonts into your digital ads and campaigns. Contact the foundry

Broadcast License
Use Mostardesign fonts in broadcasting content with a special license. Contact the foundry

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Want a custom or extended license ?

We can cover practically any font application such as analog distribution, widgets, EOM embedding or website template.
If you need to use one of our fonts for an application not covered by our standard licenses or if you aren’t sure what you need, please feel free to contact us and we will discuss your needs.

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Where to buy our fonts

Mostardesign Type Foundry work with external distributors such as MyFonts, Linotype,Typekit,… Below, a list of these distributors.
Hype for

When buying a font from Mostardesign Type Foundry, you must also buy the right to use the font (a license) under certain conditions of use (The End User License Agreement – EULA) It’s a type of contract between the author of the typeface (Mostardesign Type Foundry) and the end user (designer or clients) We define this license as “a license for the end user.”

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