OpenType is a font file format with 100 % cross-platform compatibility (work as well with PCs and Macs computers) and it can support advanced typographic functions such as large character sets, better language support, special glyphs, one cross-platform font file, and advanced typographic features.

In InDesign program find your character palette and click the palette tab to reveal all the palette options. If the character palette is not visible, you will find it via the Window menu. Choose Opentype to show all features of the font you’re working with.

In Adobe Illustrator Go to Window > Type > OpenType. You will find a floating panel. Please note that not all OT features options are available in every font.

In Adobe Photoshop Go to Window > Character. From the Character panel menu, choose an option (standard ligatures, contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures…) from the OpenType submenu

To learn more about how to use OT features in InDesign or Microsoft Office, please read our help and techniques section here.