You have questions about Mostardesign Type Foundry, licenses, font services or you need help to use one of fonts? Most of frequently asked questions are listed below.

General questions

Can I test your fonts?
You can test most of our fonts for a limited period of time. To do so, please contact us using our contact form and we will send you a Test Agreement with the fonts that you would like to test. Don’t forget to specify in your message the fonts you want to test (fonts or family), the name and the phycical address of your company.
Where can I buy licences and fonts?
Mostardesign Type Foundry work with external distributors such as MyFonts, Linotype,Typekit,… See our distributors section here
Can Mostardesign Type Foundry create a custom font for my company or  for my client?
Yes. Mostardesign Type foundry can create a custom font for your company or can make an alteration of an existing font. Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss your needs. Please click here to use our contact form.
What’s a EULA?
Like any software, a font use requires a contract between the end user, who uses the font (you,) and its author (Mostadesign Type Foundry.) This contract defines the conditions under which the program may be used. For this, we use an EULA (End User License Agreement.). Click here to read our general EULA.
Can I use a font for a logo creation?
A Desktop license would be required to use a font in a logo.
Do your offer free fonts?
Yes. Mostardesign Type Foundry offers some fonts for free for non commercial use. You can download Kyrial Sans Pro Regular and Sofia Pro Light for free at Fontspring.
I am a student, do you provide free fonts for my project?
No. We don’t provide free fonts for students.
Client or designer ? Who needs to buy a font license ?
Everyone who uses a font needs to have a font licence. If a designer is creating a brochure for a client, the designer needs to buy a font licence. If clients wish to use the fonts as well, then he also needs to buy a font license.
Do I need to renew my font license every year ?
No. You buy your licenses once and for all! They are continuous. Then you just need to become immortal to be able to use your license forever 🙂
On how many workstations  can I install and use a font ?
Fonts are licensed for a specific number of workstations, and prices start for one computer. Every computer which a font is stored need a license.
Can I upgrade my font license to add more users ?
You can add more users at any time. Please, return to the site you have purchased the fonts and proceed as follows:
How to add users to your Desktop license?
The simplest way is to create a new online order with a new font license with the desired number of users.
How to increase the Webfont license?
For WebFonts Licenses, simply create a new font order and only purchase the supplement for number of page views per month. For example, if you first purchased a license with 10,000 views per month and your site has increased its attendance with over 20,000 page views per month, create an order for only the additional 10,000 views.
I have a problem with a font? Do you have support to solve my problem?
Yes. Feel free to contact us at with a detailed description of your problem.

Typography questions

What is kerning ?
Kerning is the adjustment of the blank space between two consecutive characters of a font to balance that space to best effect. These sequences of characters are called “character pairs” or ” glyph pairs” and they set two pairings (Such as VA and AV) to cover all possible combinations of the two. Stored within the font, these glyphs pairs are activated automatically when typing.
How to use  the OpenType features of our fonts families ?
OpenType is a font file format with 100 % cross-platform compatibility (work as well with PCs and Macs computers) and it can support advanced typographic functions such as large character sets, better language support, special glyphs, one cross-platform font file, and advanced typographic features.
In InDesign program find your character palette and click the palette tab to reveal all the palette options. If the character palette is not visible, you will find it via the Window menu. Choose Opentype to show all features of the font you’re working with.
In Adobe Illustrator Go to Window > Type > OpenType. You will find a floating panel. Please note that not all OT features options are available in every font.
In Adobe Photoshop Go to Window > Character. From the Character panel menu, choose an option (standard ligatures, contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures…) from the OpenType submenu.
Can I use your fonts with my Adobe font account ?
Yes you can use our fonts with your Adobe fonts account but unfortunately, all our fonts are not available on Typekit. To see which fonts are available, please click below.
How to install a desktop font in windows PC ?
Yes you can install our fonts on Windows PC. Make sure you are installing a desktop font and not a webfont.
Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Close all applications
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • From the ’Start’menu select ‘Control Panel’
  • Select ‘Appearance and Personalization’
  • Choose ‘Fonts’
  • Click ‘File’, and then click ‘Install New Font’
  • Select the font you want to install
  • And then click ‘Install’
Windows Vista
  • Close all applications
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • From the ’Start’menu select ‘Control Panel’
  • Select ‘Appearance and Personalization’
  • Choose ‘Fonts’
  • Click ‘File’, and then click ‘Install New Font’
  • Select the fonts you want to install.
  • Press the ‘Install’ button
Windows XP
  • Close all applications
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • From the ’Start’menu select ‘Control Panel’
  • Select the ‘Appearance and Themes’ category
  • Select ‘Fonts’ from the ‘See Also’ panel
  • In the Fonts window, select the ‘File menu’
  • Choose ‘Install New Font’
  • Select the fonts you want to install.
  • Press the ‘OK’ to install the fonts.
Installing fonts on Mac OSX ?
For an optimal use, we recommend that you do the following (Mac OS X 10.3 or higher) :
  • Close all applications
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Double click the unzipped font file to open a preview of the font
  • Click ‘Install font’ button to install the font in your Fontbook
Can I use OpenType Features in Microsoft Word ?
Yes. In Microsoft Word, select > Format > Font. Select Advanced in the dialog box and choose a Stylistic set from the dropdown or enable Contextual Alternates.
For some fonts, you can also select All from the Ligatures drop-down menu to access all available ligatures of the font you are using.


Font installation problems.
If you have a problem with font installation, we strongly advise you to restart your computer first. In the case you’re using a font manager (such as FontAgent, Font Explorer X, Font Suitcase…) try installing directly to the system instead. If the font still doesn’t work, please contact us.
Uninstalling fonts in Windows PC or Mac OSX
Uninstalling font in Windows
  • Click the ‘Start button’
  • Click to open the ‘Control Panel’
  • Select ‘Appearance and Personalization’, and then clicking ‘Fonts’
  • Click the font that you want to uninstall
  • On the File menu, click ‘Delete’
Uninstalling fonts in Mac OSX
  • Launch ‘Font Book’
  • Select the font you want to delete
  • Select ‘Remove’ in the File Menu (or Right click > Remove)
  • Confirm the removal of the font

Licenses Questions

What is a server license?
A server license is a license for servers that generate custom artwork, pdfs and other customizable products. The price of this license is based on the number of servers on which the fonts are installed. This license cannot be used for SaaS.
This license can be used for example for websites, apps or online services that allow the end user to create customized products (personalized t-shirts, PDF receipts, business cards, mugs, lunch boxes, keychains, stamps, magnets, etc.).