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Magnetic Pro – A mechanical typeface for various projects

Magnetic Pro is a typeface inspired by typewriter characters with a mechanical aspect. Equipped for professional typography, this font family has many OpenType features such as small caps, case sensitive forms, tabular and old style figures, pro kerning, circled numerals,  ligatures,  and  extra  graphics.  It  comes  in  8  weights with  corresponding  italics  and  it’s  suited  for  multiple  purposes including display and editorial use, especially for advertising, long text, packaging and branding.

Magnetic  Pro  has  true  italics  with  a ‘mechanical script’ aspect to give more style in long texts. It has also  an  extended  character  set  to  support  Central  and  Eastern European as well as Western European languages. Magnetic Pro has also an extra graphics style for those who wants to add catchwords, special titles, arrows and geometric shapes to their creative projects.

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Magnetic Pro Highlights

Magnetic Pro 8

True Italics
Magnetic has true italics forms with a complete redesign to give more fluidity to long texts.

Magnetic Pro 9

Multilingual support
Magnetic has an extended character set to support Central & Eastern European as well as Western European languages.

Magnetic Pro 10

 A Complete figures set
Proportional figures, tabular figures, old style figures, tabular old style figures, circled figures and fractions.

Magnetic Pro 11

True small caps
A true small caps set to give versatility to your projects.

Magnetic Pro 12

Extra graphics
Magnetic Pro contains a complete set of extra graphics with catchwords, arrows, symbols…

Magnetic Pro 13

Pro Kerning
Magnetic font family contains hundreds and hundreds glyphs pairs to optimize the legibility of long texts.

Magnetic Pro 14

Magnetic Pro 15

Magnetic Pro 16

Magnetic Pro 17

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About this font family
Designer: Olivier Gourvat
Kerning: iKern
Design date:  February 2017
Publisher: Mostardesign Type Foundry

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