Chronica Pro

Chronica Pro overview

A “Humatesque” font family !

Chronica Pro is a new contemporary font family focusing on balance and quality for high professional use. Designed with a lot of attention to details and versatility, Chronica Pro could satisfy all kinds of demands such as editorial design, brand creation, graphic design, signage as well as on screen, apps, web sites, ebooks, etc.

With its 18 fonts, Chronica Pro can be defined as a humanist spirit in a geometric body and supports international communication extending to Central, Western, Eastern European and Cyrillic languages.

Chronica Pro Highlights

  Chronica Pro covers 140 languages

Ready for International Communication
Chronica Pro covers more than 140 languages

Case sensitive OpenType features

Case Sensitive forms
Marlon Pro contains a special punctuation set better suited for all capital text.

  Small caps features

True small caps
It has a true small caps set if you need to mark emphasis of words in your texts.

  Pro kerning features

Pro Kerning
Marlon font family contains hundreds and hundreds glyphs pairs so that they can be read optimally in over a hundred languages.s

Chronica Pro contains more than 15 OpenType features.

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130 px
Chronica Pro. A geometric sans for all kind of project !

Chronica Pro 1

Chronica Pro 2

Chronica Pro 3

Chronica Pro 4

Chronica Pro 5

Chronica Pro 6

Chronica Pro - OpenType features

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About this font family
Designer: Olivier Gourvat
Kerning: iKern
Design date:  April 2015 / Update October 2018
Publisher: Mostardesign Type Foundry

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Single font : $25
Complete : $299

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