Meet Chronica Pro, a geometric sans with professionnal OpenType features
A high performance geometric sans
Chronica pro is a typeface belonging to the family of geometric sans. This font has a clear architecture with elegant and very well-rounded curves. It has been designed and drawn with particular attention to the characters’ balance and readability. Indeed, thanks to its diagonal ends which have been vertically cut on some capital letters (such as for the R, K, X or still the Y) Chronica Pro keeps a perfect balance of reading especially in the use of the biggest font sizes for headlines and subtitles. The A, V and W have also been designed with the desire for this balance with Apex, Vectrex which is thick enough to also firmly establish these characters on the baseline.
Chronica Pro also has a fairly high x-height to improve the readability of lowercase letters in any situation where it’s used. It will be ideal for use in small sizes such as business cards or mobile applications. Chronica Pro has a very versatile grease game with 9 styles (Thin, Ultra Light, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Heavy) with the corresponding italic so that it can be used in many graphic or editorial projects. For more personality, the counters of the letters O, Q, a and e are extremely round and prominent in order to give rhythm to long paragraphs’ sentences.
This complete font set is perfectly suited to projects of all types including signage, headlines, subheadings, editorials, website design, body copy, publishing, logos, letterhead, marketing materials, product packaging, and informational inserts.
Chronica Pro is also equipped with over 20 OpenType features to satisfy the most demanding professionals. It has solid features like case sensitivity, true small caps, full ligatures, tabular figures for tables, old style figures to elegantly insert numbers into your sentences, circled numbers, and more alternative characters to give personality to your projects.
This typeface already has a powerful home kerning system called “Pro Kerning”. With more than 2500 pairs of glyphs and many languages, Pro Kerning optimizes headlines, subtitles, texts and more in real time.
With all its specificities, Chronica Pro is a geogrotesque that can meet the needs of professionals who want a family of clean geometric sans; elegant with a wide character set for more than 100 languages of Western Europe, Europe Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Cyrillic for international communication.
If you would like to know more about this Chronica Pro, feel free to download the PDF specimen to get a detailed view of all features.
96 px
Quick fox jumps nightly above wizard.

65 px
Quirky spud boys can jam after zapping five worthy Polysixes. How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!

115 px

Chronica Pro a geometric sans by Mostardesign Type Foundry
Chronica Pro 1
Chronica Pro 2

The Chronica Pro font family

Chronica Pro a powerful opentype features
Language support
Chronica Pro a powerful opentype features
Pro Kerning
Chronica Pro a powerful opentype features
True small caps
Chronica Pro a powerful opentype features
case sensitive forms
Chronica Pro a powerful opentype features
Complete figures set

Chronica Pro Thin

Chronica Pro Thin italic

Chronica Pro Ultra Light

Chronica Pro Ultra Light italic

Chronica Pro Light

Chronica Pro Light italic

Chronica Pro Book

Chronica Pro Book italic

Chronica Pro Regular

Chronica Pro Regular italic

Chronica Pro Medium

Chronica Pro Medium italic

Chronica Pro Bold

Chronica Pro Bold italic

Chronica Pro Black

Chronica Pro Black italic

Chronica Pro Heavy

Chronica Pro Heavy italic

About This font family
Designer: Olivier Gourvat
Kerning: iKern
Design date: April 2015
Publisher : Mostardesign Type Foundry
Available licenses
Print, Webfont, E-book, App and digital Ads, Servers. If you want to purchase a specific license such as App, eBook or Server license please contact us at :
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