Sofia Pro in use

Another amazing work with Sofia Pro font family from Formdusche studio for a theater company in Germany. For more details and more photos, you can visit thier website here

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Introducing Filson Soft

Filson Soft is the rounded version of the popular Filson Pro. At first sight, the main feature of Filson Soft are the distinctive letters ‘K’, ‘Q’ and especially ‘R’ that make the font family very elegant. With its rounded terminaisons, this font family is also perfect for original titles and will give you future creations a nicely friendly aspect.

Filson Soft - A Rounded Sans Serif Font Family by Mostardesign Type Foundry
But with all these originals features, Filson Soft is highly legible and quite versatile. Its large x-height, even performs nicely in small sizes. Filson Soft comes in 8 weights – Thin, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black, Heavy with a professional range of Opentype functions such as lining and oldstyle figures, stylistic alternates, case sensitive forms, localized forms, stylistic set, arrows and f-ligatures.

For better typographic control, Filson Soft also includes an OpenType class kerning with thousands of kerning pairs.

Discover Filson Soft

Introducing Chronica Pro

Chronica Pro is a new contemporary font family focusing on balance and quality for high professional use. Designed with a lot of attention to details and versatility, Chronica Pro could satisfy all kinds of demands such as editorial design, brand creation, graphic design, signage as well as on screen, apps, web sites, ebooks, etc.

Chronica Pro


With its 18 fonts, Chronica Pro can be defined as a humanist spirit in a geometric body and supports international communication extending to Central, Western and Eastern European languages.

This typeface contains professional OpenType : alternate letters, case sensitive forms, proportional figures, tabular figures, numerators, superscripts, denominators, scientific inferiors, subscript, ordinals, fractions, arrows, ligatures. Chronica Pro has been also designed with a high level of Pro kerning to meet the needs of complex editorial design.


Chronica Pro